Let's recognize a few of the most common fears you will deal with Worry of rejection. Fear of deciding. Worry of change. Fear of the unknown which is a close buddy to the worry of change.

[Laughs.] Man, they're both bad. But I would have rather been a basehead because with base, a minimum of you get the essence of a coca leaf, which originates from the ground. Versus crack, which is man-made chemicals. It might be bleach, Tide, or whatever. I was never a crackhead. I was a basehead.

Now, in understanding that people experiencing crack addiction behave in this manner, it is safe to assume that they may say and do specific things that they would refrain from doing in their natural state of mind.

Third, we've become a culture that's fallen for the idea of being in love. A lot of conversations are now concentrated on "What age do you wish to get married." Not "Should I get wed?" or "Is marriage right for me?" or "Why should I get wed?" The majority of people wish to be in "love" so badly, they fall in "love" with the wrong people. We imagine a best partner that does not exist; we strangle and put too much focus on the other individual when we've discovered a "ideal" partner. Our beliefs progress from childhood. Why is it we hang on to the notion of gladly ever after?

It is going to take a real, concentrated, focused effort by the state to assist this population of the homeless neighborhood. Addicts going to a shelter for a night or 2 is a bandage to a leaking aching. Jails are not the answer either. There is a tremendous need for some sort of rehabilitation to assist these people get healthy and end up being a working member of society.

Amid all the household drama and his mission to becoming a boxing champ, Micky ends up becoming torn in between 2 extremely strong ladies in his life: his mother/manager, Alice Ward (played by Melissa Leo), and his bartender girlfriend, Charlene Fleming (played by Amy Adams). Alice believes that Micky must remain loyal to Dicky, while Charlene wants Micky to change Dicky with a new trainer. At the Los Angeles interview for "The Fighter," Wahlberg, Bale, Leo, Adams and Russell gathered to talk about why they wanted to make "The Fighter," how the primary stars prepared for their roles, and exactly what the story's real-life counterparts thought about the film.

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